Chez Marc's Quarantine Cookbook

Hard Cover | 144 Pages

While cooped up during COVID-19 quarantine, Chez Marc and his wife Robin decided to spend their time doing what they love - cooking and gardening.

The food and drink recipes included in this book are a result of the experimenting, creativity gardening during that time. The recipes are diverse, simple to make and simply delicious.

The book also included special tips, tricks and wine pairings for the dishes.

A Note From Chez Marc:
I hope by the time you read this, we are free to safely share a table again. For this time, however, and beyond, I offer these recipes and dishes along with photos for your family enjoyment.

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Cooking has been my passion since my freshman year at Emory and I’m confident it’s the way I got my wife, Robin to fall in love with me. I wrote Chez Marc’s Quarantine Cookbook during the pandemic to document the meals I made from the bounty of Robin’s garden. It was never lost on us that we couldn’t have done this without a roof over our heads.

Chez Marc’s Quarantine Cookbook is dedicated to those who continue to suffer greater than most. Proceeds from its sales will benefit the Gateway Center, which provides access to critical services and housing for the most vulnerable people in our community.